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Apple Solutions

Our team has immense experience in development for Apple Ecosystem. We’ve made dozens of apps for iOS, watchOS, and the brand new tvOS. Why exactly Apple? It's no secret. iOS users  are the most willing users to spend money and make purchases. All mobile revenue shares in 20/80: 20% — Android and 80% — iOS. History shows that such companies as Uber, Instagram, Airbnb started right from iOS app.


iPhone (iOS)

iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It provides a unique experience to users. Customer satisfaction of iPhone is at 90%. We use hi-end solutions to provide solid user experience (aka UX) inside all our apps. It helps to bring clients goals right to customers.


IPad (iOS)

With new versions of iPad (iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro) Apple changed the rules in tablet segments. Now users use tablets not just for fun or to simply "check emails". Now, it can be a professional device for work or education. That’s why we suggest our clients to rethink the aim of why they do tablet apps.


apple watch (WATCHOS)

With watchOS version 3, apps launch instantly and are easier to access. It gives developers tools for fitness, graphics, games, and media. Let your users control their home, contact friends, and even pay right from their wrists. It’s the world’s most loved smartwatch — now with even more to love.


APPLE tv (tvOS)

The new, but rapidly growing platform tvOS, opens new opportunities for businesses. The new Apple TV powered by tvOS gives users a completely new living room experience, with Siri Remote, favorite movies, and shows, thousands of apps and games.


Android currently has the largest global platform share (about 80%), with a particular prominence in lower income areas and developing nations. Because Android as an operating system is open source, it gives developers deeper access to the operating system itself. It's a reason why certain apps may only be able to be on Android.



It's more than 30 years old. But the web is still the king worldwide. The more cross-platform technology is hard to imagine. Today there are almost 23B devices connected to the Internet. We made a lot of web projects, from simple landing pages to high load websites, from multiple backends to web applications.


IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT it's one of the top growing markets in IT. There are a lot of "smart" things right now: pet-sitter, cats collar, clothes, bands, glasses and so on. Our team gets the hand on some projects from IoT, and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.



When location's matter. We have a unique experience in location-awareness technologies such as iBeacon or GPS. We launched several products based on this. One of them - loyalty system for cafes, shops and malls powered by iBeacon technology.


fitness Trackers

There are a lot of fitness trackers on the market. People use them every day almost 24/7. It's a great opportunity to communicate with a user as more as you need.

We have work experience with B2C and B2B solutions. Some of our works are under NDA, that's why we can't place them just here. But if you are not sure if we can help you with your project — just drop us a line.


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