Tech tools for non-tech founders 🛠️

An ultimate list of tools to create your Proof-of-Concept or even first MVP without a tech co-founder and any line of code. This section was made especially for startup founders and entrepreneurs as a small cheat sheet with useful tools. Doing this compilation we preferred free services, but the price-to-quality ratio was also highly important. Tools are sorted in each chapter from highly recommended to less. But be sure, if a tool is on this list, it’s already better than hundreds of others in its domain.

Using tools from this list lets you create a Proof-of-Concept or even first MVP in an extremely small budget (up to $500). And it’s not a joke! Use our workbench for free and make your business ideas happen.

Table of content:

01. Market Research
02. Forms & Questionnaires
03. Wireframes / Mockups / Prototyping
04. Hosting / SSL
05. Codeless Websites
      - Landing pages
      - Complex websites
      - Online Stores
      - Portfolios
      - Blogs
06. Web & Mobile Apps
07. Chatbots
08. Payments
09. Chat services for websites
10. Email Marketing
11. Bonus Resources



Forms & Questionnaires

Typeform (super powerful tool to create online forms) [free]

Airtable (collect, keep and process information) [free]

Fieldbook (spreadsheets, as powerful as a databases), [from $10/user/month]

SurveyMonkey (professional questionnaires), [free]

Google Forms (all Google integrations, for sure), [free]


Wireframes / Mockups / Prototyping

InVision (transform static designs into clickable prototypes), [free]

Balsamiq (service available online & by desktop apps), [from $5/month] (complex service in Google Docs style), [free] (super-minimal wireframes tool), [from $16/month]


Hosting / SSL (hosting, domains), [from $7/month]

Digital Ocean (hosting, online computing), [from $5/month]

Amazon Web Services (all-in-one), [pay-as-you-go]

Let’s Encrypt (SSL), [free]


Codeless Websites

"websites" is a quite diverse sphere, that's why we separated this directory into several branches: Landing pages (very simple websites), Complex websites, Online Stores, Portfolios, and Blogs.

Landing pages 🛬

Readymag (magazines, photo-stories, presentations, etc), [free]

Caard (simple to use online builder), [from $19/month] (website-business card), [free]

Instapage (heatmaps, A/B testing, etc), [from $79/month]

KickoffLabs (giveaways, sweepstakes, prod. launches), [from $39/month]

Populr, [free]


Complex websites 📑

Squarespace (business websites, online stores, photo-portfolios, sites of musicians, etc), [from $16/month]

Weebly (websites, eCommerce & marketing), [free]

Wix (photography, events, restaurants, accommodation, online stores, portfolio & CV), [from $5/month]

Ucraft (integrations: business, marketing, analytics, design), [free]

LeadPages (Fb Ads integration, A/B test, etc), [from $37/month]

Webydo (photoshop for websites), [from $90/month]

Sharetribe (online marketplaces), [from $99/month]

Book Like A Boss (scheduling platform to take appointments), [free]

Webflow (flexible templates), [from $15/month]

Heek (build websites by chatting with a bot), [from $7/month] (most popular platform ever), [free]

Moonfruit, [from $6/month]


Online Stores 🛒

Shopify (sell from anywhere), [$29/month + (2.9% + 30¢)/transaction]

Shogun (Shopify landing page builder), [from $15/month]

Volusion, (modern templates, 24/7 support), [from 15/month, no transaction fees]

Big Cartel (online stores for makers), [free]

Fik Stores, [free + 3%/transaction]

Smoolis (multilingual, multi-currency), [from $16/month]

LemonStand (supports migrations from other platforms, like shopify, magento, etc), [from $19/month]

OpenCart (open-source eCommerce platform) [free]

Ecwid (POS support, mobile apps, etc.), [free]

3dcart, [from $29/month]


Portfolios 📇

Dunked (15+ templates), [from $12/month]

AllYou (integrations with Vimeo, SoundCloud, Issuu), [from $12/month]

Exposure (mailing list + a lot of content integrations: tweets, fb/insta media, Vimeo/YouTube videos, Google Maps, etc), [from $5/month]

Behance (online platform from Adobe to discover creative works), [free]

Carbonmade (7 templates), [from $6/month]


Blogs 📝

Medium (mainly texts), [free]

Tumblr (texts, audio, video), [free]

Blogger (deep analytics and AdSense integration), [free]

Svbtle (blogging for minimalism lovers), [from $6/month] (blogging platform powered by Evernote), [free]

Postagon (simply pegasus), [free]

Ghost (open source code), [from $29/month]


Web & Mobile Apps

Bubble (web apps), [free]

Dropsource (iOS, Android), [$39/month]

Wix Code (web apps), [from $19/month]

ShoutEm (cross-platform), [from $23/month]

Yapp (mobile apps for conferences, meetings, trainings), [from $399/year]

PencilCase (iOS), [$299/user/year]

BuildFire (iOS, Android, PWA), [from $99/month]

Thunkable (iOS, Android), [from $5/month]

GoNative (Convert web apps -> native mobile apps), [from $590]



StorytellingBot (build bots from mind maps. Telegram & Messenger), [free]

Recime (Slack, Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, etc), [free]

Chatfuel (Messenger), [free]

ManyChat (Messenger), [free]



Braintree (available in 45 countries) [2.9%+30¢ / transaction]

Paddle (available worldwide, can payout to any location), [5%+50¢ / transaction]

Stripe (available in 25 countries), [2.9%+30¢ / transaction]

Fondy (Eastern Europe only), [2,7% / transaction]


Chat services for websites

Chatra (live chat & offline messaging), [free]

Intercom (triggered auto-messages, chat visibility, A/B tests), [from $53/month]


Email Marketing

MailChimp (most popular email automatization tool), [free]

ConvertKit (powerful integrations, rich automatization), [from $29/month]

SendGrid (multipurpose email tool, that not limited only by marketing), [free]


Bonus Resources

Zapier (workflows automatization), [free]

Unsplash (free hi-res pictures for landings), [free]

Canva (design logo, banners, social pics, etc.), [free]

Assembly (design for non-designers, iOS), [free]

The Noun Project (over 1M royalty–free icons), [free]

AllTheFreeStock (free images, videos, music), [free]

Fleeq (demos, guides, on-boarding, product presentations), [free]

Rocketium (videomaker for non-designers), [free] (SMM automatization), [from $7/month] (Embeddable Lead Generation Forms), [free]

Optimizely (digital experiments), [30-day free trial]

Also for you


If you have any suggestions, ideas, or questions about tools or need any help, feel free to contact us. We will help you, for sure.