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Everything for Product Development

We provide the full list of Product Development Services to test your idea, validate customer demand, research a market, and build your first MVP. Fast and reasonable.

1. Startups

  • Idea Validation Strategy

  • Market Research

  • Concept Development

  • Pitch Deck

  • Customer Development

  • Startup Coach program

2. Development

  • Design UI/UX


3. Launch & Marketing

  • Test Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Strategies

4. Operating business support

  • Business Analytics

  • Company Audit




We help startups test their hypotheses. It can be hypotheses of value or hypotheses of growth. Maybe it's a surprise, but an idea can be tested even without a single line of code. It can be photos, fake landing pages, prototypes and proof-of-concepts. No need to build huge systems to validate customer demand.

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Idea Validation Strategy

Defining the riskiest assumption in your idea, and the way to test it. Preparing a strategy how to validate it (target audience, channels, communication, metrics). Get estimate →


Market Research

Market research (size, dynamics, competitors) to identify & analyze the market need, and competitiveness of the future product. Get estimate →

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Concept Development

Blueprints of your idea that needed to identify key perceptions, user needs and wants associated with the product or service. This stage includes:
- user experience research (UXR);
- wireframes;
- clickable prototypes;
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Pitch Deck

Preparing a winning presentation with a quick overview of your business plan. You can use it during meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. We can help with:
- templates, structures & designs;
- pitch training;
- VC investors test sessions.
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Customer Development

Finding Product-Market Fit and market traction. Discovering and validating the right market for your idea, building the right product features that solve customers' needs, testing the correct model and tactics. Get estimate →

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Startup Coach

Individual mentorship program to help your startup achieve set goals. Personal sessions with mentors and advisers. Defining your KPIs and building up business processes together. Like a personal fitness trainer, but for startups. Get estimate →



When it comes to the development stage, we can do it faster than 85% of the market. We use available SaaS services, open source solutions, and own pre-made tools that help us build much faster than anybody else. More about Development.


UI/UX Design

Our design team can provide you with the full spectrum of design works that needed for a business:
- wireframes & prototyping (UX Design);
- user interface design (UI Design);
- web design;
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Software Development

Doing your MVP, the speed plays a key role: the faster you penetrate the market — the closer you to success. Our dev team uses open-source solutions, and own pre-made tools that help us build fast and save your money. We can professionally build:
- web solutions (websites, web apps, landing pages);
- iOS apps (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AppleTV apps);
- Android apps (phones and tablets);
- wearables (smart watches, fitness trackers, e-Health devices);
- IoT software (Internet of Things);
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Launch & Marketing

In nowadays marketing for startups as critical as good engineering or management. The market is full of products, and market your service in the right way is very important. We help design and run marketing campaigns based on Innovative products’ consumer curve and your product needs. Only working with first clients, and doing initial marketing — will give you a real vision of the situation and market outlook.


Test Marketing

Testing the demand for your product in field conditions. Comprising the real-life buying situations, without the buyers knowing they are participating in an evaluation exercise. It simulates the real market to ascertain consumer reaction. Get estimate →

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Digital Marketing

Leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, popular forums, and crowdsourcing websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Our special offer is Lean Marketing for startups. It’s the best way how to get early-stage traction (first 10, 100, 1000 customers) for your startup, to have something for investors pitch. Get estimate →



Strategy is a plan of finding customers for your business with tactics and actions that will help to achieve your objectives. We can design for you Communications Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing Strategy. Get estimate →

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Operating business support

If you have an established business, but you are looking for new opportunities, markets and ways how to improve processes (what to optimize, what to change), we can help with this. We work with digital businesses as well as traditional businesses (offer the ways how reasonably implement modern digital tools into biz processes).


Business Analytics

Analysis of business performance based on data and metrics. Assessment of key business processes and preparing the Business Model Canvas. In the result, you get the overview of your key processes and product’s health status report. Get estimate →


Company Audit

The comprehensive audit of your company with an analysis of biz processes, operations, tech stack, marketing, team, and many other details. In the result, you get a full report about the current status of your company, and (what’s more important!) the plan how to improve each of the points. Available options:
- Express (operations, tech stack) [7 days];
- Professional (operations, tech stack, biz, marketing, team) [10 days];
- Strategic (Professional + strategic plan how to improve) [14 days].
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We do estimates and initial researches for business absolutely for FREE. Just drop us a line with your business description.