Ukrainian zen


The idea of the app appeared in the 2014 year in Ukraine when the military actions started in the east of the country. Hryvnia (country currency) become unstable, and the exchange rates were changing couple times per day. Every citizen was shocked and started to buy Euro and US Dollars. So, there was a need in the rapid launch at that time.

Initial Requirements

There were two main aims:

  • easy and quick possibility to check exchange rates;
  • make people calm.

Research Data and Agreed Scope

So, the solution appeared in couple minutes:

  • App should support widgets;
  • Add some smooth music and a list of pictures with a country flavor.


Image is clickable

Image is clickable

Development Stages

This MVP was created in 2 days! Three more days we were waiting for Apple review.

The first day was spent mainly on project discussion and paperwork. The second day of gathering pictures, sound and developing.

So, if you need any quick solution reach us out and your app can be launched in less than one week.




We launched iOS (iPhone/iPad) version and later Android (phones/tablets). Users are really happy with this minimalistiс, savvy and really beautiful App. Our partner also launched Windows Phone version. From now, this is a crossplatform solution (all tablets and smartphones). Dzen - is a grate case, when the app should qualitatively do only one useful function and users will be satisfied.