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“I was in a college, and my roommate had an awful snore. It was so loud that even our neighbors were knocking the walls. When I was talking to the roommate, he said “I can’t control myself. What can I do?”. So at that time, I thought that this could be a good idea for the startup. But when I checked App Store there already was Snore Labs app. After downloading and getting Premium access, I found out that it doesn’t help. It just tracks the snore. What is more even other noise (pet, car, voice, etc.) can be detected as a snore. So I thought it could be a great opportunity...” 

— Robert Barnes, Snore Metrics LLC

Initial Client Requirements

  • Basic UI/UX update;

  • Native iOS development for iPhones;

  • Developing and Integrating Snore Detection algorithm;

  • Server side for Snore Analysis.

Research Data and Agreed Scope

We were in need to:

  • save funds for marketing;

  • launch as fast as possible.

Based on this we divided the development of MVP into two stages:
1) UI/UX update, native iOS development and simple algorithm of Snore Detection;
2) Creating and integration of Snore Detection algorithm.

A great marketing step could be a partnership with one of the large enterprises. Snore Report keep an eye on FitBit, as these guys already have the own market. What is more the heart rate tracking during sleep could be useful data for them. So in addition to new Algorithm, the integration of FitBit account was added too.


Image is clickable

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Development Stages

1) Technical Specification & UX development.
2) We divided whole development process into stages; we used Scrum and Lean practices for this:

  • analyze all requirements;
  • separate main points for the first app version to launch the app faster;
  • let the marketing work and continue the development.



Release and Promotion Actions

Currently the app is on closed beta stage and not available publicly. Because the marketing strategy is under NDA, as it is not launched yet. As soon the app will be public we would be able to share steps of the marketing plan.

Even After

Soon you would be able to see:

  • Apple Watch update;
  • Android Wear update;
  • Fitbit synchronization

And even more. Stay tuned!

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