won two awards from FinancesOnline: Great User Experience and Rising Star 2017

Hello everybody!
Today we want to share some really good news or just a kind of our pride. won two awards from FinancesOnline: Great User Experience 2017 and Rising Star 2017. Wohoo! Not bad, right? By the way, have you heard about FinancesOnline? It’s one of the most popular business review directories. It’s a website that lists and evaluates project management, collaboration, and productivity software and services in an effort to supply business owners with valuable information. Their website helps determine the best resources for any organization.


The Great User Experience award is usually given to products contributing tremendously to the quality of user experience. The product is evaluated based on how easy it is in terms of usability and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

The Rising Star award is given to the new product in the market which not only are getting good traction with the customers but are viewed as really efficient despite its young age. The experts of the FinancesOnline were really impressed with our product and user satisfaction level.

Let us quote a review: is a system which helps businesses, especially startups, to test their ideas without shelling out a significant amount of funds or even dealing with tons of codes. With, you can see how your ideas perform and you don’t have to create big systems from the ground up just to see how your idea will fare. utilizes a variety of testing options, including photos, fake landing pages, prototypes, and MVPs, to measure the viability of your product. is bannered by people who boast of immense expertise and experience in startups and product development as evidenced by the number of digital products that they tested when they were just mere ideas. Today, has been part in the development of successful apps for iOS and Android as well as lots of web projects, ranging from simple landing pages to websites with heavy traffic, from multiple backends to web applications.


Thank you, FinancesOnline! We appreciate to join your category "IT Development Software". Our team was really happy with such news, and that day our office was like: 

If you would like to know who is that “Rising Star”? Or want to test our customer’s user experience — feel free to drop us a line. You will be surprised 😉