It was a third quarter of 2015. Regarding promotion, the gym owner wanted to create the own app for Apple Watch. The market was heated up with Apple Watch, and a lot of people already made a pre-order. He realized that there would be a lot of fitness apps and his app should be different. So, how the Apple Watch app can differ?

Let’s remember the Apple Event 2015. Do you remember the key feature of Apple Watch? Why is this device useful? It is just an additional tool for the one who is taking care about own time. The one, who need use the app in 10 sec. i.e. order food, taxi, write a message, etc.

So the requirement #1 = The app should be as simple as possible.

But how to be different? How to attract an own audience? Let’s remember Apple Event once more - There is no a keyboard on the Apple Watch! So how, we can input data there? And here you go - Siri is available on Apple Watch, and it is possible to input any data with a voice. This is a great solution for the super busy guys and ladies.

So the requirement #2 = Voice input and navigation in the app with the voice

As there was just a month till Apple starts selling Apple Watch, the app should be already there until that time.

So the requirement #3 = 1 month for development and uploading.

Let’s Look Inside The Team

It was a new operation system for the world = watchOS. We had a chance to review it after WWDC when Apple provided an early beta access to developers. So we tested it and created several own domestic apps with basic functionality and without design. So our developers were going on the warpath. The main issue is that we had no Apple Watch at that time and it was impossible manually test any app. So we made developer pre-order of the watch and were waiting for luck.

There was a chance to receive Apple Watch even before users pre-order for US-based developers. That’s what we tried to do. Several our developers changed their reged location to the US and sent the request to receive Apple Watch. The one could become one of 1k world developers who received an Apple Watch in a week after Apple Event 2015. “That’s great” - we thought. BUT! How can we get it? We are not located in the US. Ok, let’s check whose friends are in the US right now. Looks like everything where on our side. One of our friends were in New York and was going to go back next day. So we asked to visit the store and pick up the brand new Apple Watch. HELL YEAH! All these accidents are not accidental. Since now, we have everything we need for successful app launch. Just do remember the eyes of our devs. It looks like the well-known phrase: “Coach, I’m ready. Give me a chance, Coach” :)

Here you go.

Agreed Scope

After receiving all requirements, we realized that we are not able to make the independent app. As watchOS 1 wasn’t able to:
- build graphs;
- work with native Health app;
- interact with Siri without iPhone.

So we were disappointed with new OS. It was like a widget. So we were used to creating mainly full functionality on iPhone and just transfer some data to AppleWatch. Based on this, we agreed just on one feature so far:
- weight tracking;
- voice data input.

What is more, we would need to keep two weeks for Apple Review as there would be a bottleneck of Apple Watch apps.


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The Apple Watch market wasn’t too loaded in the first month so that we could get more than 7k Apple Watch users without even any promotion. The app price was $2,99, so it is not difficult to calculate the profit.

After two weeks of research and analysis, we found out that there is no need for any additional feature. There was a list of similar apps already that have a heavy promotion. So the app owner decided to stop on +$15k of profit. And think about the next big thing.