The Story

What would you do if you do have the product that generates you money? Probably everyone would like to input some more efforts into making more profit. Mainly always it is directed at increasing user loyalty. But how to find out what they want to or what do they need to? You would ask someone to analyze your product, right?!? Here is what our customer and good friend did.

The DJ and owner of already had a website, iPhone and Android apps. After reviewing the app by a focus group the main issue were determined. Here is a user flow mymp3pool had:
   - login into the app;
   - search for a track or a sound you like and want to use in your live mix;
   - add the track to “favorite” list;
   - login to the website;
   - go to a favorite list;
   - download the track and use it.

Users are too spoiled, and such flow wasn’t attractive as it required a lot of extra actions. So Delvin contacted us to find the silver bullet to current use flow and make it as easy as pie.

Research Stage

During the research stage, we found out that more than 70% of all iPhone users have Dropbox accounts. So why we just can’t add a possibility to upload the track to Dropbox?

Alongside with this research, we found out that more than 40% of all iPhone users do have iPads and are making mixes with other iPad apps. So, why the app still doesn’t support iPads?

Feature list
to do

As the Dropbox feature had a higher priority the development stage were divided into two stages:

  • Dropbox integration;
  • iPad support.


Image is clickable

Image is clickable



Once In a Blue Moon

After uploading the Dropbox feature to App Store and working on the second stage, we received the reject from Apple. Apple requested for a licence for the recorded tracks. They just couldn’t know that all the tracks were recorded in the studio. So the app owner just provided them with license and profs that all sounds and tracks are recorded in his studio. The “chat” took a little bit more time all could expect, so we uploaded both updates when this process finished.

So, keep an eye on what you are sending to App Store. Make sure it is not out of their guidelines and just do your job.