Memo Mailer


"There was an app “Distractacorder” on iOS 6. The idea is to make audio records of all your thoughts and send it directly to your e-mail. Unfortunately, the app didn’t receive the feather iOS version support, and it becomes not available soon. The app was very useful for those who wants to keep all thoughts in one place and don’t want to lose any. As there were no analogs, the best solution was to launch an own app with the same functionality and modern design."

- Jane Anderson,
Owner of Memo Mailer and LinkedIn influencer

Initial Requirements

  • Make the app as simple as possible;

  • just with two features: “make the audio record and send it to the e-mail”;

  • iOS and Android support;

  • UI/UX design.

Initial requirements were so limited that there was no reason to cut it down to MVP to test the idea even. These requirements are a good fit for an MVP.


Image is clickable

Image is clickable


We could downgrade the development timeline on 20%, and as a result, it could be finished in 2 weeks including all design works and changes. The best way to present development process is “Gant’s charts”:


The most involving part in the project is sending voice message via e-mail just with one tap. We used SMTP mail protocol 2 for this reason.

During the development process, Jane Anderson attracted Dermot Crowley, the writer. Since that time the app has two owners, and the design was slightly changed.



Even After

The app had more than 5k downloads in the first month. None was expecting this as the initial app idea was solving one issue. So, after such statistics, we agreed on adding Premium feature: “possibility to send emails to a personal assistant.”

Stay tuned!