The Better Half Game


In the 1970’s there was a TV Show called “Mr & Mrs” where couples answered in-depth and entertaining questions about each other, for a chance to win fantastic prizes! Later, this turned into a very popular board game often played at dinner, engagement and hen/bachelorette parties.

In the last few years a new app called ‘Heads Up!’ has become hugely popular, which has successfully combined technology with fun party games. Players have to guess the word on the screen through clues provided by their friends, and everything is recorded to save and share after.

The idea was simple. To combine the best elements of both of these games to create a unique and modern quiz for couples to play! And so The Better Half Game was created! Where was your first kiss? What's your partner's most annoying habit? Who's better in the bedroom? It’s a relationship game for couples to find out how well they know each other!

Player 1 sets the game up by selecting the categories and recording their answers to all questions in secret from Player 2. Player 2 attempts to match Player 1’s answers. If they match more than 50%, they will be named The Better Half! At the end of the game, players can watch back every round, save every reaction and share them straight to social media.

Initial Client Requirements

  • UI/UX design;

  • native iOS app development for both iPhones and iPads;

  • native Android app for both smartphones and tabs;

  • server side for sending video records;

  • web Admin Panel for editing and publishing questions and categories.

Research Data and Agreed Scope

After scope discussion and marketing analysis was figured out the next market preferences:

  • the main target audience is the UK;

  • 51,68% of population are using iPhone/iPad;

  • Apple users are more addicted to make in-app purchases;

  • 19,41% of all Android devices in UK are rooted. It means that it is easy to evade any in-app purchases in the app;

  • there was a need to save the budget for marketing and promotion, so it would be great to minimize efforts.

After figuring out all these points we agreed on the next work scope:

  • UI/UX design for iOS version;

  • native iOS development for iPhone and iPads;

  • no backend service for the first version (save about $2k);

  • keep players on one device (save about $4k);

  • no Android version (save around $5k).


Image is clickable

Image is clickable

Development Stages

1) Technical Specification & UX development.
2) Software development process and UI design was launched simultaneously. Here is an example, how idea becomes material:

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 18.27.30.png



Release and Promotion Actions

Was created:
- Landing page (
- Facebook page (
- Twitter page (
- Instagram page (

And suggested strategy plan of how these social resources + SEO can be used with a tight budget.

Even After

Our team was working on the app since the release of version 1. After we released a list of updates that are based on analytics, user behavior, feedbacks and opinion poll.

Stay tuned!