in Top mobile & app marketing agencies. Ukraine 2018


Normally, when discusses MVP, our team means Minimum Viable Product. Today, when we highlight MVP, we like to think of ourselves as a Most Valuable Player. Thanks to our services in mobile app development and app marketing, Clutch has listed as one of the leaders in our industry. Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, has listed us among their top app developers in Ukraine.

Clutch is a Washington, D.C.-based research and reviews firm that analyzes and collects data on small and mid-market businesses. Through examining the client portfolio, experience, market presence, and feedback of a company, Clutch produces rankings and insight on the relative performance of firms within the same industry. In its Leaders Matrix evaluation for the app marketing field, Clutch has ranked us no. 3, attesting to our proven ability to deliver quality results for each and every one of our clients.

We wanted to also acknowledge and thank our clients for their support. In our Clutch profile, some of our previous clients have left reviews that particularly highlight our customer service, responsiveness, and the caliber of our final products. 

“Their project management was really excellent. Although it wasn’t a large or complex project, the amount of time in which it needed to be executed was very short. They proved themselves to be responsive, especially in terms of delivery,” noted one client.

“They used some Agile methodology, so they were able to remain progressive in terms of overall progress and changes both in design and application behavior. Their project management allowed us to stay on track and catch up quickly to complete the project as soon as possible.”

“They’re absolutely perfect. They’re quick to follow up. They’re really invested in our success because if we succeed, they succeed. They hold my hand through the process,” shared another client. “They’re very reliable, and I’m always able to get in touch with them. There were a few instances when I needed something pushed out immediately. They responded over the weekend and got to work to meet the deadlines. I don’t think I would get that with a lot of other agencies.” is honored to be a market leader and an MVP in the industry of app developing and app marketing, and we are so thankful for the positive remarks that our clients have left. Thank you to Clutch and to our clients for their recognition of our commitment to excellence, and if you are interested in pursuing a project together with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.