Most common startup marketing mistakes


Hello guys,
The Holidays have passed. Did anyone of you provided the market with an update, discounts, some free access, or all mentioned? Hope you did, otherwise, you wasted a great opportunity to boost up. But I would like to write here about other more generic and more popular marketing mistakes:

1. Wasting money

Probably all of you would like to repeat a great boom of Pokemon Go app with millions of downloads in the first night and a lot of every next day. Based on this sample, you will try to use a lot of efforts to launch a massive ad or great booth for upcoming conference or trade show. Be careful, you can get out of this game too early.

When you do so, it looks more like gambling staff. I even think that “startup generation” was invented by great minds in this world like an alternative of gambling business.

You can’t get into any platform with all your efforts without testing it. The worst thing that can happen is NOTHING. That’s why I was writing about “marketing research”, “targeting” etc. in one of my previous articles.

2. Using wrong channels

There is a list of marketing channels you can use to attract your customers. But, are you sure it is the right one? That’s why I was writing about targeting before. You need clearly understand who is your client to determine the best tool to communicate with them. You need to know everything about them: height, weight, skin colour, family size, location, what animals they like, what music they are listening, what food they like, etc.

Based on these points you would be able not just figure out the right channel, but also:
- what pictures you need to show in your ads;
- what % of food, animals, and mood type pictures should be in your posts to attract more people;
- what text type and style they do like to address them;

3. Wasting time and efforts too quickly

Sure, we do understand that you want to make your best and put your cash into expensive marketing tools to get better results and build your brand. = Forget about this! You can start to think about this only if all low-cost options have exhausted (or maybe you don’t have time for all this and you have some budget to waste).

4. Tending to brand perfection too much

Too many startups are changing their branding (websites, app, design or both) over and over. Investing in this can cause not just wasting of funds.

Such behavior can and will push many of your clients to simply tune you out or completely unfollow your brand. The only way you need to choose is providing a value. Every next update or change should be explained and be based on your targeting audience based on the user category. What is more, your clients should get used to your brand and often change can just irritate.

The best approach is to use Lean methodology. Test this change. Launch a research campaign. Also, you can launch a new design + new feature, in terms of A/B testing, and analyze the user reaction. So you would have a chance to turn back based on the ROI. And don’t forget to connect Google Analytics/Mixpanel or relevant tool for this purpose.

5. Provide everyone with a voice

When we talk about marketing, everyone has own opinion but the more people you talk about this the longer run you will have. You need to realize that you can never please everyone.

You shouldn’t go with your marketing idea to everyone (friends, family, every employee, etc). In the end, trust to the people you pay to work on your marketing assets.

6. Failing with measurements

When you spending money on ads, analytics, etc. you need to track everything. You need to understand what kind of traction you have from a specific campaign, how your visitors/users behave, what buttons they are pressing on and other staff.

If your aim of particular campaign is to reach you by phone - make it unique. If you have website - put a unique URL with redirect to your original website. If you provide with discount - make every discount with unique code etc.

Recognize, Rethink, Retool, and Relaunch your strategy.
Never give up and keep going.


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