8 Tips for App PreLaunch Buzz


Hello guys,
I promised to write about how to present your idea to investors on my LinkedIn blog but noticed that there is a more critical point to light up now.

I was working with 19 startups for last 3 years and 80% of them don't take into account the power of marketing. You are just wasting your time and efforts:
- idea;
- app design and development;
- launch;
- get cash.
This is not a plan, this is a bull shit. Did you hear about business plans?

If you launch a brand new product and not another SnapChat-copy app. You need to heat up the audience before your launch.

Why it is important:
- otherwise, none will be waiting for your app;
- otherwise, none will be googling your app;
- otherwise, none will download your app on the first day (almost none).

1) If we talk about iOS app. Apple provides with "preapps service". It is a great solution to light your app among others. You just should use it! Users would have a possibility to follow your app that will give you numbers and numbers of users. The peak start is very important, as you can be in top week new apps that would lead you feather.

So the question now is: How to get these followers?

You just need to use:
2) Social Media
- Twitter, Facebook.
The usage of these Social Medias are quite similar:
- make relevant posts to your product with hashtags (but don't copy-paste others news from tech articles or elsewhere - this strategy just killing your app brand);

3) Professional social medias
- Linkedin, Angel List, Google Business & Yelps
As users, so influencers and competitors will be looking for you. You need to be everywhere.
More points:
- Google Business = put screenshots, btw mockups will work too. But to be reged there you need to receive mail (yes mail not e-mail) from Google. This can take 1-2 weeks.

4) Landing page
There are a lot of ready-made solutions for websites for up to $15 per month, just find the right one, put your colors and launch it.
By the way, don't forget about SEO-optimized website point.

5) Other social networks
- Instagram and Youtube;
These tools are very popular nowadays. Make video review of your app, tell your audience what problem this app is solving and why this app should be on their devices. What is more, you can use youtube videos for other social networks.

6) Points to test
- Reddit, Telegram, WhatsApp, and SnapChat;
I didn't work with these tools for attracting users yet but these can help you too.

7) Influencers
- Contact bloggers, journalists, actors, and investors. This point can not only attract new users but also new business possibilities. Address them per-to-per and provide a value. It can be anything: interesting article, finding a misspell in their article. Just make them sure that you are not a spam-guy and there can be a win-win relationship.

8) Ads campaign
- AdSense
This can be a good tool if you are professional marketer, but still, these guys prefer using Facebook and Twitter ads. I would also suggest you using FB & Twitter, as you can waste a lot of funds before you find the proper key for your targeting audience. What is more, the social networks are much cheaper

There are a lot of underwater stones and cases that are not mentioned here. Will try to light some up soon. Don't hesitate to write comments with criticisms and suggestions - would be pleased to answer on any and take into account.


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Cheers and take care.