Major part of all IT-companies or freelancers are looking for money and not for product success. We have opposite point of view. Money are not able to make you happy, if you don’t like your work. We believe that success of our clients (read as Partners) is our success too. That's why we choose to go with them for a long ride, sharing wins and loses, rises and pitfalls.

We identified some common patterns, marketing tips & tricks, and secrets of VC industry after working with startups for several years. You are getting not only hi-end service with us, but also access to our perennial experience in startups and base marketing package absolutely for free. Find more below.



Working with us, you get for free:

  • Product Hunt launch (avg. market price ~$100)

  • 10 five-star iOS app reviews (avg. market price ~$100)

  • AppStore Search Optimization: design, keywords, title, description (avg. market price ~$400)

  • Access to a closed community of makers: fellowship (priceless)


What is it?


Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

Product Hunt has become a necessary part of every product launch. With its community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, angel investors and tech journalists, you’d need a really good reason to not try putting your product in front of that audience.

The day after being posted, best top 5 products end up in a newsletter sent to thousands of PH subscribers. So, launching on Product Hunt is a great opportunity to show your work for a whole world and find a lot of new users. 



Five-star App Reviews

One of the key points inside users’ head during the moment “install or not install” is social proofs (app’s reviews and comments). Making starting batch of reviews and five-stars marks will boost your app from unknown state to really attractive point and will help to gain first customers much easy.

Reviews are deeply intertwined into the app discovery and evaluation process. In fact, 70% of people read at least one review before downloading an app. Not only this, but 75% of respondents identified reviews as a key driver for downloading an app, and 42% view app store reviews as equally or more trustworthy than personal recommendations.

Even more astonishing, 13% of people read at least seven reviews when considering a free app. This number jumps to 33% for people evaluating a paid app. Beyond boosting your download count, reviews can be used to move the needle on a number of key metrics.



AppStore Search Optimization

Quite often the apps’ pages have awful design, unprofessional execution, but more often they don’t represents the key advantages of the product. What is more, app owners do not use particular features of market search mechanism. But more than 60% of all users use just “Search” for discovering new apps.

ASO it’s a set of works and methodologies to increase app’s attractiveness and search output positions inside the market.



Access to a Closed Community

We've spent a lot of time advising startups and identified a lot of common problems across. That's why we decided to start fellowship, a closed community for our clients. We want to bring a value even after a product launched and a bill is paid. We know how hard to run an own company, and we want to help our partners to hit new tops.

That's why we founded a closed community of startuppers, creative entrepreneurs, geeks, and simply passionate makers. In fellowship you can find any answers to your startup questions: how to find users? how to grow? how to do marketing? how to find investments? and a lot of other reasonable question. What is more, you will be able to find co-thinkers here.

We will keep doing that we love the most: bring new companies to live and make them successful, hope you will enjoy the ride.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas — feel free to contact us.
We will help you, for sure.